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Our mobile equine film production and solar powered biodiesel rig has been put into retirement.

ie We will no longer produce CO2 thus lowering our carbon footprint CFP 

Robotic 4K 65 optical cameras


Harmony, Harpo and I are on a journey, a mission to discuss the answers to our Biospheres Crisis. We are far beyond "Climate Change" and even the recently refined term "Climate Crisis". Our Biospheres Crisis as I term it is a complex multifacited tangled web of interelated issues where adjusting one effects the others. We exist in a closed terrarium. We cannot continue our present destructive path of our Biosphere nor can we return to the pre industrial era. There is a sustainable middle ground some where in between the two, a Mission of Harmony. Our next leader needs to follow the UN SDGs and not believe they have their own answers or egostistic plans.



Some of our History

Meet Me in Asheville      A music video staring Harmony n Harpo

National Geographics Live Free or Die S1E1 to meet my character "Dad" and daughter.

National Geographics  Target Practice for Turkeys with Tony and Amelia

Look forward to see you on the road.


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Address: Biosphere Earth, Currently North of Asheville, NC

Phone: 530-688-2013
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